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At Bos CCPHP, we believe that strong doctor-patient relationships are essential to helping you achieve optimal wellness. The concierge (membership-based) model at Bos CCPHP allows patients to build a strong rapport with Dr. Robert J. Bos and collaboratively develop a personalized approach to their health.

Members are assured a more convenient, connected and collaborative relationship with Dr. Bos. The structure of the membership program is designed with one simple focus: you. The amenities and enhancements of our program are designed to help support our Members’ healthy lifestyles.

Bos CCPHP enables an innovative practice model that provides Members a more personalized healthcare experience with a focus on proactively managing their overall health and wellbeing. Learn more about the many amenities and enhancements of the program.

Meet Dr. Bos

Born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Dr. Robert J. Bos, who is fluent in English, Dutch and Spanish, spent several years in North and South America, before settling in New York City in 1990.

Dr. Bos spent three years at Lenox Hill Hospital to conduct his Internal Medicine Residency followed by a two-year fellowship in Pulmonary Diseases. He is currently Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Board Eligible in Pulmonary Diseases.

He also has a special interest in stress-related illness and the psychology of illness and health maintenance. He treats his patients with an approach focusing on individualized health needs and prevention.

Dr. Bos is affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital.

Enhanced Coordination

As a member of this membership-based primary care practice, you will be able to receive enhanced supervision of specialty consultations and follow-ups, and coordination of your care.

More Connected Primary Care

By having more time to spend with each patient, Dr. Bos can ensure enhanced connectivity through a more convenient, and collaborative approach.

Why Choose Us

How It Works

Concerned about numerous healthcare trends that are negatively affecting doctor-patient relationships and the way care is delivered, Dr. Bos has collaborated with Castle Connolly Private Health Partners (CCPHP) to create a unique, concierge or membership-based practice model that provides a more optimized healthcare experience for both patients and providers.

In this model, Dr. Bos has considerably fewer patients than typical primary care doctors. This allows him to have enough time to provide each and every patient with personalized, unhurried care. Members of Bos CCPHP pay an affordable annual fee to take advantage of a wide array of member benefits and enjoy a more convenient, connected, and compassionate approach to healthcare.

Membership fees are payable to Bos CCPHP, LLC, a business entity formed by Dr. Bos and CCPHP that is separate from his medical practice. Dr. Bos provides all professional services through his practice, Robert J. Bos, MD. Since the membership fees do not pay for any insurance-covered healthcare services, we recommend that our members maintain their health insurance. Contact us for more information.

Practice Philosophy

Since founding my new medical practice in 2009, I have been taking care of my patients driven by the belief that a strong physician-patient relationship greatly promotes prevention and treatment of illness. In addition, I strongly believe that an enhanced relationship between a physician and a patient results in increased trust and confidence in a treatment plan, further promoting positive health outcomes.

My practice is very different from most primary care practices in the City. My panel is and will remain small in order to maintain and sustain the doctor-patient relationship. Unfortunately, in recent years, continuing to practice medicine and serve patients in the way that I wish to is difficult to sustain in this increasingly complex healthcare environment. As a result, I have chosen to collaborate with Castle Connolly Private Health Partners, LLC (CCPHP) to create a new membership-based (concierge) practice, Bos CCPHP, LLC

Through this new membership program, I will be able to continue to provide you with extended office visits, 24/7 connectivity to me, same-day or next-day appointments, as well as an array of extended offerings such as CCPHP’s innovative SENS Solution® Health Coaching, and additional amenities and enhancements. This will enable me to spend more time with my patients to discuss their health concerns in greater depth and better coordinate their care, while continuing to act as their personal health advocate.


CCPHP was established by Castle Connolly Medical Limited (CCML) in order to connect patients with top physicians in order to facilitate an optimal healthcare experience. CCML is a highly-regarded research organization best known for its America’s Top Doctors® publication. Dr. Bos and CCPHP have developed a membership program that will provide members with an array of amenities and enhancements, including enhanced connectivity to CCML’s elite compilation of America’s Top Doctors®.

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* Bos CCPHP, LLC, the membership organization referenced on this website, is sometimes also referred to as “Bos CCPHP” or as “Robert J. Bos, MD Castle Connolly Health Partners, LLC,” as shown in the logo above.

Bos CCPHP, LLC is acting on behalf of and at the direction of Dr. Bos and his medical practice, pursuant to a Business Associate Agreement (as defined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, as amended (“HIPAA”)), to assist Dr. Bos and his practice to inform you about, and to help make available, the Enhancements described on this website.

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